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Commercial Equipment Rental Fowlerville MI

Located in Fowlerville, MI. Bigos Equipment Rental Inc. has been providing equipment rental services to Livingston, Ingham and Shiawassee Counties and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. Bigos Equipment Rental, Inc. is an owner-operated company, offering equipment rental services for home-building, commercial and industrial projects in the Mid-Michigan and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re a contractor constructing an office building, a new highway, a new housing development with dozens of homes, or a homeowner who needs a new driveway, you can count on Bigos Precast, Inc.
Our people are what make the difference. They have hundreds of combined years of experience in making, scheduling, and delivering equipment. You benefit from our knowledge, skills and unmatched understanding of the challenges you face in your construction projects. At our plant, our quality control professionals ensure that your equipment order meets your exact specifications. You can count on reliable scheduling thanks to our experienced dispatchers and state-of-the-art computer scheduling system and GPS tracking. On the streets, our experienced drivers know their trucks and how to maneuver them safely on the most challenging job sites. Certified by MDOT and NRCMA, we are proud to offer superior products at competitive prices to all our residential and commercial customers. 
We are your partner every step of the way for your project. At Bigos Precast; our commitment to you is solid! 

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